Golden Triangle Wine Range

Award-winning Stellenzicht reserves its Golden Triangle label for those wines which most eloquently demonstrate the unique terroir of this special part of the Helderberg, home to some of South Africa’s most exceptional wines.

In winemaker Guy Webber’s view, what all the wines from this area have in common is balance. That is why the name chosen for this range of wines refers to a triangle in mathematics which is in perfect balance in that its three angles are in a 2:2:1 proportion. The observant will recognise this symbol, known in mathematics as an isosceles triangle, as the one depicted on the labels of this range. This obsession with balance, the Golden Ratio, as found in nature and in the world around us, has for centuries occupied mathematicians, philosophers and artists such as Leonardo da Vinci. The quest for perfect balance is also what motivated the creation of the four wines in the range.

Golden Triangle
Sauvignon Blanc

Green pear and watercress freshness carry through from the nose while the rich, creamy mouthfeel is perfectly balanced by a crisp acidity.

Golden Triangle
Cabernet Sauvignon

Classic sweet aromas leading to an elegant, velvety palate with a wonderful balance between sweet cassis and slightly spicy oak characters.

Golden Triangle

An enticing nose follows through to rich, succulent and velvety ripe red fruit characters perfectly balanced by a firm acidity and integrated tannin structure.

Golden Triangle

A juicy Shiraz with enticing black berry fruit on the nose. Soft, rich and elegant throughout with an exceptionally long finish.