The history of Stellenzicht dates back to 1692, when it was part of a much bigger property granted to the first owner, Barendt Hendrikse, by Governor Simon van der Stel in an area that would later become known as the Stellenbosch district. He named the property Rustenburg although there was already a farm with the same name, but spelled Rustenberg.

One can well imagine the confusion the similarity in the names created. According to local legend, two subsequent owners met one evening in a pub in Stellenbosch. When both were rather deep in their cups, they agreed to flip a coin to decide who would have the right to the name. The owner of Rustenberg (which still exists today) called it right and Rustenburg was renamed Stellenzicht (literally meaning “View of Stellen”(bosch). The farm was bought in 1981 by the international banker and financier Hans-Joachim Schreiber. In 1999, the year following Guy Webber’s appointment as winemaker at Stellenzicht, Schreiber entered into a joint venture with Distillers Corporation which today forms part of Distell. The joint venture, called Lusan, owns five wine estates – in addition to Stellenzicht, Le Bonheur, Uitkyk, Alto and Neethlingshof.